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About Ihry Chiropractic

Fargo Chiropractor riding bicycle.

Dr. Kevin Ihry loves to help his patients get back to being active!

Empower yourself to feel great again!

In practice since 1990, Dr. Ihry welcomes the families of the Fargo community to get healthy and live well together. “We’re here to help you get healthy as quick and thoroughly as possible.”

Advanced Knowledge, Advanced Healing

As a registered pharmacist, Dr. Ihry has unique knowledge of medications. He’ll help you understand how drugs can help, harm and affect your health. Prescription medication discontinuation or alteration should always be discussed with your medical physician.

By correcting musculoskeletal issues through chiropractic care, your body and nervous system can function properly. In addition, combining strengthening exercises and stretches, you can heal faster and stay well longer. Our goal is to help you make lifestyle changes that will enhance your health and overall well-being.

Care When You Need It Most

Dr. Ihry is here to encourage your family to live their healthiest life. When you’re in pain we’re here to give you relief. You’ll heal and get back to the life you love. We see a variety of ages, so we’re able to provide health care for your whole family. We encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle from an early age, because the younger you are, the easier your body can heal.

Visit us today and experience relief for yourself! You deserve to feel and be your healthiest so call us today and let’s get started.

Dr. Kevin Ihry | Fargo Chiropractor | (701) 232-1232